Behind the Scenes: Hands Behind FPJ

Behind the Scenes: Hands Behind FPJ

Who isn’t picky when it comes to a personal journal? I know I always wanted something that fit my style and was practical to where I could use it exactly as I intended. It is so satisfying to have something that just works flawlessly. I could never satisfy my need for a journal that fit everything I needed it to be, and that could take my favorite pens & inks without trouble. So I began the journey to creating the perfect journal. Testing papers, inks, page layout, line spacing, and different features, it took years to perfect what my journal is today. And now, I bring to you, the product of my developments.

Perfecting the craft of binding a custom journal

    Since 2019, I have been testing materials for fountain-pen friendliness,  quality, and source-ability. Each journal I have made for myself for the past few years, I have made with different combinations of materials and binding techniques to see which work the best, so that I could present to you, the best journal I can make.

    Hand-picked curated selection of designer papers 

    The covers are made with hand-picked, curated collections of designer patterned papers. Each patterned journal is a unique custom creation you’ll love.

    Handmade chipboard cover boards from recycled materials

      When I began journal-making, I had limited resources. I had to use whatever I could and repurpose it into my final product. I could not find chipboard to use at a reasonable cost, so I created a system to make my own. And this is where the recycled cover boards came to life. Each board is made from layers of cardboard that are fused together and trimmed to make a crisp new journal cover. It is laid flat and pressed to set overnight and ready to be used the next day. To see some more on how the journals are made, visit my Behind-The-Scenes: Studio Process post.


      A Little About Amanda

      Amanda’s Current Pen Collection:

      Amanda’s Pen Collection

      • Pilot Vanishing Point Decimo Burgundy (F)
      • Pilot Falcon (SF)
      • Pilot Prera Smoke/Clear (M)
      • Pelikan m200 Marbled Green (F)
      • Pelikan 400 Tortoiseshell (M) (Vintage circa 1954-55)
      • Sailor Pro Gear Slim Ocean (MF)
      • Esterbrook Estie Tortoiseshell/Chrome (M Journaler)
      • Twsbi Eco White/Rose Gold (F)
      • Diplomat Magnum Prismatic Purple (M)